Issue with rainlab translate URl


There is an issue with the translate plugin.

I have the following page

url = "/schulungen"
layout = "default"
title = "pos Shop System"
meta_title = "Welcome"

localeUrl[en] = "/trainings"

if i go to


it works. same goes for


but the following gives me a 404.


any help will be appreciated.


it has only problems with EN (english) also with en-gb


I find the issue.

The prefix β€œen” is reserved for en-us.

I was using the same prefix for en-gb.

Normally the united stated iso 4 Alpha is en-us.

The International english is en.

@daft may be in future versions this can be improved.

Hey @ibrarartisan

In your site definition, scroll to the bottom and select Use Custom, then enter en-us as the locale.

Hopefully this helps.

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