Issues with project migration

Developing an application with October CMS, I often need to sync the local site with the remote site, on the staging server, so that I could get the exact same set up and data in both environments.
The files can be easily maintained in sync, by means of Git operations. However, when I back up the local MySQL database and restore it on the remote server, some problems arise.

After database dump restoration, I’m not able to log in to the migrated site. I get the error:

A user was found to match all plain text credentials however hashed credential "password" did not match

I tried matching the APP_KEY in both .env files, but that is not solving the problem.

So, my question is: What steps or adjustments must be done in order to replicate my local site on the remote site?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @jeraso

Since it is not encrypted, the hashing algorithm for passwords does not use the application key. This error suggests that you have entered the wrong password. If the password is correct, it should work across all environments.

I hope this helps.

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It seems that this issue was due to a failed database restoration. Repeated the operation and the login is working now.

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