Job position filter help

Hello friends.

I try to extend my Job page with one more filter property, but can’t figure out how to do it.
Here is what I try to do. Anything that I add to files is marked as //added by me
1sta file - components\JobList.php ( Here i Saw that the creator was put filter thing for category and departments) I want to add Work location, but saw in SQL that doestn’t have child. :

2st - Here is the file that displays the form for filter :

Hey bojko91,

I think, you need to extend the Job plugin with another plugin of yours. Then you may be able to also extend a property. Here on how to extend a component:

I don’t know if something like following would work:

class Job extends ComponentBase
    public function defineProperties()
        return [
            'myNewFilterProperty' => [
                'title' => 'Title of extended property',
                'description' => 'Description of extended property.',
                'default' => 'something',
                'type' => 'dropdown',
                'required' => 1,

Have a try.