Keep post() data when usine ajaxPager


I’m trying to display blog posts with and use ajaxPager.

Overall, it works, except that my blog posts belongs to some categories and I have buttons on the page to filter blog posts by categories. Here is my code :

{% ajaxPartial filters %}

<section id="filtres" class="padding-sm margin-md pb-0">
    <div class="container-fluid">
        <ul class="filtres row">
            <li><a class="btn btn-outline-white {% if post('slug') is empty %}active{% endif %}" href="{{ this|page }}">Tous</a></li>
            {% for record in filtres %}
                <li><a class="btn btn-outline-white {% if post('slug') == record.slug %}active{% endif %}" data-request="onAjax" data-request-update="{ _self: true, posts: true }" data-request-data="'slug':'{{ record.slug }}'">{{ record.title }}</a></li>
            {% endfor %}

{% ajaxPartial ‘posts’ %}

{% if post('slug') %}
    {% set posts = posts.whereRelation('type', 'slug', post('slug')).paginate(10) %}
{% else %}
    {% set posts = posts.paginate(10) %}
{% endif %}
<section id="posts" class="margin-md">
    <div class="container-fluid grid grid-2">
        {% for record in posts %}
            <article class="block h100 grid grid-2 gap-0 align-stretch bg-charcoal">
                <div class="media">
                    {% partial 'media' media = record.image width = 300 height = 300 class = 'h100' %}
                <div class="text col gap-0 justify-between fs-sm">
                    <h3>{{ record.title|str_limit(80) }}</h3>
                    <div class="bottom">
                    {{ record.description|raw|html_limit(150) }}
    {% endfor %}
<nav class="pagination-wrapper container col align-center justify-center margin-sm mb-0">
    {{ ajaxPager(posts) }}

Filters works alone, pagination works alone, but pagination lost the post(‘slug’) data when I click on a page, how can I conserve my post(‘slug’) when I use ajaxPager to paginate only through filtered posts.

thank you

I want to precise that even with the { withQuery: true } parameter, my post variables is not conserved when I use pagination.

    <input type="hidden" name="slug" value="{{ post('slug') }}" />
    {{ ajaxPager(...) }}

Wow sorry for that noob mistake, it’s true that if I’m not in a form, the post data can’t be conserved :3

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