"kurtjensen/profile-plugin" could not be found

paid the October2 license, created a fresh installation with that license, paid for the profile plugin, Run php artisan plugin:install kurtjensen.profile Get Authority to provide product “kurtjensen/profile-plugin” could not be found

what should I do?

Hi @wawibe7874

The best thing to do is email the support team here: Contact Us - October CMS

“Class ‘KurtJensen\Profile\Updates\Config’ not found” on line 11 of C:\OSPanel\domains\localhost\plugins\kurtjensen\profile\updates\profile_change_str_to_txt.php

    $dbtype = $defaultConnection = Config::get('database.default'); line 11

Should be

$dbtype = $defaultConnection = \Config::get('database.default'); line 11

You might need to run the project:sync command. i’ve had that issue with paid plugins and using that command usually fixes things.

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