License key update error


On an existing project running for 3 years, can’t get the license key installed.
The command does not work
php artisan project:set

In CMS settings version 447 is specified

Checked the version with the command through the console

php artisan october:util set build

Checking in CMS. Version updated from 447 to 3

Question 1: How can I find out the October version?
Question 2. Is there an alternative way to replace/install the key or is it necessary to perform a CMS upgrade?


I’m seeing you typed “php artisan october:set” and not “php artisan project:set”. It seems for both octobercms v3 and v2, the right command to set the license key is php artisan project:set

This command does not work

It works on my end (v3.4.16).

Can you try:

php artisan october:about 

and post the results ?


take a look at this:

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Thanks for the reply :+1: