List Behavior - use Traits\Sortable sorting desc

How to display entries in descending order?

my config_list.yaml

list: $/konvertagency/landing/models/discounts/columns.yaml
modelClass: KonvertAgency\Landing\Models\Discounts
title: Discounts
noRecordsMessage: 'backend::lang.list.no_records'
showSetup: true
showCheckboxes: true
recordsPerPage: 20
    buttons: list_toolbar
        prompt: 'backend::lang.list.search_prompt'
recordUrl: 'konvertagency/landing/discounts/update/:id'
    showTree: false
    showReorder: true
    maxDepth: 0
    column: sort_order
    direction: desc

The column should have sortable: true to allow sorting. However, this should not be required to make it the default and the query should be sorted by the column in defaultSort.

This only works when “structure:” is disabled.
I want the display of the “tree” and “drag and drop”, but I need to flip it.

We plan to add sorting to structures soon. When sorting a column, it will disable the structure, and then there should be a way to toggle back to the structure.