List config: Sortable trait and recordsPerPage behavior

Hello, recently i need add sortable to a model. However, after setup I noticed the pagination of the list was lost, it was displayed instead with a list of all records in the database. Is this the default behavior of the Sortable Trait or is it a pre-hidden bug in the code, or i missing something? To be more specific, I made the following settings:

Step 1: Add trait to target model:

class MyModel extends Model
    const SORT_ORDER = 'order';

    use \October\Rain\Database\Traits\Sortable;

   // Other

Step 2: Config list_config.yaml (in related controller):

# Config before add the Reoderable trait - PAGINATED SHOW
recordsPerPage: 20

# Addition config after add the trait - PAGINATION MISSING, SHOW ALL RECORDS
    showTree: false
    showReorder: true

Hi @vantran445

This is the intended behavior, since the list is now reorderable/sortable in its structure. We are planning to add the ability to sort list structures as an additional display mode soon.

Hi @daftspunky,
Thanks for your reply. I think there won’t be much of a problem with that default behavior.