List view as form widget


It would be great to be able to embed a model List view as a form widget in another model, let me explain a concrete use case :

I’m developping a website including a FAQ. The FAQ page have one hero image, some texte here and here, and the FAQ itself that is a list of categorized questions and answers.

To make everything administrable by the end user, I created a Tailor single blueprint where I have a fileupload widget for the hero image, some richeditor for some textes.

To handle the FAQ itself, I have faq model and category model.

The bakend UX is not optimal, the customer have a “pages > faq” menu, just to handle hero image and texts. And another structure blueprints FAQ > Items and FAQ > categories to manage faq itself.

It would be awesome to include the management of the FAQ inside the pages > faq form to have everything included in one place.

My question is, if it’s already possible today, do you have an example, a guide about how to do this. However, it would be a nice addition to be able to add a “listView” form widget, to be able to embed the management of a model inside another model.

What do you think about it ?

Best regards,

If I understand correclty, what you are asking is fairly possible by using a repeater, inside the first blueprint, to handle the list of FAQ.

I thought about that solution but my faq items have categories, and I want to let the customer manage the category list so I still need 2 models and a relation between them. That’s why I think it could be useful to have a form list widget, to be able to use the full power of real models management, inside another form

This is how the RelationController works, and it is mostly used for implementations like this. However, it would be possible to build a custom form widget that integrates the Backend\Widgets\List widget inside.