Live Preview Content Editor

Hello octobercms community,

i want to ask everybody here about a feature, that I would like to see in octobercms or at least it would be for me a great addition.

I want to ask for your opinion about a feature like “live preview content editing” like in CraftCMS or in expression engine. I think it would be a great thing that a content creator can see in real time content editing. I know there is the boxes plugin, but this seems to me not the same like the “live preview content editing” with real time site reload.

What is your opinion about this feature? (I have already posted this request to the portal)

Thank you!

We have actually developed something like this internally as an extension for a repeater form widget. We may at some point release it as a plugin.

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Great to hear. Can may share some screenshots of you custom plugin?

It would be really great, if you will release the plugin on marketplace! Do you consider to make it a paid plugin?