Loading media manager in frontend


I’m planning to develop a frontend editor, a kind of update of the editable plugin by rainlab.

I want this plugin to be able to deal with images as it’s one of the most missing feature of editable.

To do that, I want the editor to be able to open the media manager in order to pick, upload, crop or resize image.

Is it possible to do that ? Load the media manager in frontend ? I red the documentation about that but can’t find the answer to my question.

Thank you for your help

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Maybe this will help.

This plugin doesn’t use the Media Manager to crop and upload but it does upload to the media manager. Check the code out, I’m sure it’ll point you in the right direction

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Thank you for your answer. I know that plugin and the fact that there is not integration with media manager is one of the reason I decided to develop mine (+ the fact that it rely on content tools that seems not maintained anymore).

I already looked at the code, but it does not help much. I already know how to upload image in a folder in media manager (it just an upload to a folder after all), but it doesn’t help me to know how to load the full media manager with all associated features.

bump this thread, I will have some time to dedicate to the coding of a PR for content editor (or a whole new editor, didn’t decided yet) that integrate media manager in frontend, but I’m stuck here and there is no documentation about this.