Loading Stripe and Button Loading spinner with 3.1


what is the way to use the loading indicator Extra Features - October CMS - 3.x and the loading button Extra Features - October CMS - 3.x with the non-jquery javascript api, I am trying to make it work byt so far now luck.

Thank you

Hi @Vosco

oc.progressBar.show() and oc.progressBar.hide() are available. I’m not sure what you mean about the loading button since it is attached using data attributes.

The AJAX repo is here and can help learn how it works:

Thanks, for the loading button I am just wondering how could I use that with javascript api not just the data attributes api?

Hi @Vosco

It looks like there is no way to show the attached loader programmatically. We have fixed this in the next release (v3.1.26). The following has been added to the documentation.

You can manually add the loader to a button using the oc.attachLoader object and show / hide functions passing the element selector or object as the first argument.