Localised subfolders in path, e.g. mysite.com/de/contact for German contact page

I would like to make my pages international by having e.g. 2 language versions. I have created only a contact.htm page to be served via mysite.com/contact . Tha page constructs its content based on selected language dynamically using {% content %} tag, e.g.:
{% content 'contact-LANG.htm'|replace({'LANG':lang}) %}
The lang variable is set in PHP code of the page. For example, if German is set, $this['lang'] = 'de' and following content file is used in previous line of code: contact-de.htm'. For English it would be contact-en.htm' etc.
However, pages constructed dynamically like that, lead to a single URL, in the example above it would be: mysite.com/contact.
I would like to achieve following for every selected language version:

But I do not want to create static subfolders de and en and copy the contact.htm page to kontact.htm. It would be redundant and difficult to maintain.
Any ideas, how to achieve this using October DMS archiecture?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Milan,

The RainLab.Translate plugin can be used for this:

It adds a “Translate” button to the CMS page that allows you to specify different URLs for the same page.

I hope this helps.

Ok, thanks, I will try it.