Mail with SMTP does not send emails

I have all the information correct. SMTP tester was able to send the email successfully, but october with the same data is not sending. I can see the email in the logs, but it is not actually there


Try changing the driver to “Mail Log” to see if it sends there. If it does, it looks like it might be related to your SMTP provider not allowing some specifics in the message.

Yes, the email is sent to the log. I have tried using different smtp providers like outlook and gmail, but none work. Even the test email from the template page is not sent (but it shows a bar that it was successfully sent).

Try to change settings in env

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I configure smtp for new developed sites in a regular basis, but I can also say that lately I’ve been struggling much more to have it working. I also noticed that I couldn’t select SSL as encryption type on smtp. The option isn’t even in the dropdown options.

In the case of microsoft365, you have also a setting to activate in the mail account to allow the smtp from your site (link below). IMPORTANT please make sure that the email destination is also from the same domain that the one that sends. That’s a microsoft requirement