Media File Upload on Laravel Vapor & AWS Lambda (Serverless)

Hi guys.

This is a bit of a long shot but thought I’d ask anyway:
We’ve got October 3 running on Laravel Vapor (serverless, which runs on AWS Lambda), which is great.

However, due to the maximum 6MB request limit (Lambda quotas - AWS Lambda) in Lambda functions, I can see we get a 413 Request Too Large exception when attempting to upload a file larger than 6MB to the Media Library.

@daftspunky did you happen to come across this issue and attempt a solution back when you tried serverless a few years back?
Failing that, any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

I know Vapor provide docs with a solution to this (Storage | Laravel Vapor) but I thought I’d check with the community before building anything!


@WeSayHowHigh, totally awesome that you got October CMS working with Vapor!

Indeed, we put this project in the too hard basket and ended up using Docker instead. The 6MB limit, among others, was one of the contributing factors. Vapor is great for specialized implementations and hopefully AWS will continue to raise their limits in the future.

This is where we would need to refactor the media library and file uploader to send files directly to the storage provider via the browser. It would be a lot of work, so the approach in the Vapor docs is best solution at the present time.

Thanks so much - I’ll start getting something built now. Cheers!

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