Media finder problem

Hello, I have a problem with “Media”. First, I’m working on my local site. So far, so good. However, when I put it online at my host, I see this error. The only solution is to remove the “é,è,à,…”. However, I sometimes have hundreds of documents and files. Does anyone have a solution?

Hi, I also have this problem.

My solution was to write a script that “slugify” the path of files and than I changed the references in database.

But maybe somebody has a better solution, that preserve characters and database references.

Thanks for the solution. After several hours of research, I finally found a solution. My explanation may not be exact, but the idea is there:
The problem would come from October’s local installation. By moving the project to a server, some things might not follow. For example, Composer installed on the computer and not in the project folder. So when moving the project, a problem like the one mentioned above arises. Another problem arises when migrating via the Deploy plugin: for my part, the backend no longer worked…

In short, I removed everything from the server and reinstalled via the installation file provided in the October documentation (install-master), then transferred the theme, blueprint, Database.sqlite, etc. from the local version. It’s a simple process and all the problems are gone!

It remains to be seen whether I can take the online version and use it locally to make updates without the problem coming back… but basically, it’s a server version that’s used here and not the local version deposited on a server. it should work.