Media Library - Image preview thumbnails & gifs / webm?

Regarding to my plugin what i developed (Image databanks), one of provider is Giphy, then users can dowload .gif’s or mp4 files… but… Media library shows generated thumbnails for all images, what means, that all files (animated gifs too) are converted to “stills” on preview pane (right sidebar).

Is there a some workaround or planned udpate, to allow showing gif without generating thumbnail preview?

In another request, I mentionned the same problem about SVG. They have been excluded from the resize system, I think the same can be done with gifs

svg is lil bit tricky, because, all php compilers eg imagemagic or gd, is for pixel based sources… but SVG is “scalable vector graphic” … and thats the catch. u need to open that datafile (xml) and replace correct data in viewbox attribute and then resave it…

Yes, that’s why, in a previous patch, they excluded them from the resize process. Before that, when you put a |resize filter to an svg, october throwed an error. Now you can, it’s just ignored. I think gif should be ignored too cause all resize you can make in a gif will kill the gif animation (and who use .gif today if it’s not for the animation).

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We will try to investigate GIF resizing when the media manager is reviewed. As far as I know, it is possible to do without losing the animation.