Media manager random inserting multiple images in editor

When selecting and inserting multiple images from the library the editor puts them in random order messing up the editing process.

When inserted

The expected outcome would be

The problem persists when trying to insert another set of images

The outcome:

Anyone knows hot to fix this the client’s wasting a lot of time having to reorganize this mess.

Hi @adamo

Tested this with OC v3.3.14, I couldn’t reproduce it, however, did notice that the images were inserted in reverse order. Yours appear to be inserting in random order.

Is there a trick to this? I am inserting images using the Rich Editor with Media Manager.

No trick, just standard select from media manager and insert. I’ve tested it in different scenarios, my own plugin, and the pages plugins, different browsers and projects selecting the same images here are the outcomes:



second insert


OS: Windows 10.

I tested it, insert in my Rich Editor from media library in order 11,12,1 and were inserted by


then second action i do in order 13,14,15