MediaFinder in repeater didnt work with open_basedir restriction on

Hi guys,

In the fields.yaml file of model:

            label: 'Galérie'
            prompt: 'Pridať Galériu'
            span: auto
            type: repeater
            tab: Galérie
                        label: 'Názov galérie'
                        span: full
                        type: text
                        label: Fotografie
                        span: full
                        mode: image
                        maxItems: 0
                        type: mediafinder   

I’ve got mediafinder in the repeater and when I try to save it I’ve got this error:

"file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/02.jpg) is not within the allowed path(s): 
on line 332 of 

I cannot disable the open_basedir restrictions, because its on client shared hosting and they are not very helpfull with it (because of security reasons).

It is possible to fix this bug, or find some hack to workaround it?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @zaq,

We can’t seem to reproduce this problem using the media manager and base directory restriction. Feel free to contact the helpdesk for support with your installation: Contact Us - October CMS