Minimum necesary files for OC3 on shared hostings

Hi, I often deal with client’s shared hostings without root/terminal access and I deploy the site vía FTP (and export / import of the DB). I noticed that in OC1, besides the folders there were only 4 files in the installation root: index.php, server.php, .htaccess and artisan. Now OC3 has a bunch of them. If I don’t plan to use composer via terminal or webpack in the production site, I’d like to know the minimum files that are necesary so to clean thing up a little and avoid uploading unnecesary files for security reasons. It’s important to note that I still want to be able to use the built in updater and the plugin manager in the production backend.

Only three files are needed now: index.php, .htaccess and artisan

You are welcome to only deploy these ones.