Model pagination / Multiple components

Not sure, if this is global problem, i reported in Indikator.News (oc-news) plugin, but… probably found and main problem with model pagination.

Steps to follow:

  • include multiple components on page (blogPosts, newsPosts, etc…)
  • set page property for each component, for ex.: :blogPage and :newsPage

blogPosts.render|raw … renders pagination with page query string
newsPosts.render|raw … renders pagination with page query string

i was in thinking, that :blogPage property on component and :newsPage prop. is attribute, what may be part of pagination as query string param…

With this behaviour, when blogPosts has limit to 5 items and newsPosts to 10 items,
any “page” attribute was paginate both/or each component with same page param…
when there are no same num of items, pagination will causes “no posts found”… etc.