Mp4 video in the richeditor

When I insert an image or an audio file in the richeditor, it is rendered ok in the front page.
When I insert a video, the front renders this with a figure html tag.
Any simple way around this from your experiences?

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Yes, you can create your own partials for that, check out the Media Manager docs:

But this still might be a bug or something.

I have the same problem when I add a video from the media library:


On the frontend I only see this:
<figure class="" data-label="mywideo.mp4" data-video=".../mywideo.mp4">&nbsp;</figure>

A fix for this has been included in v3.6.19

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I think you should following these steps

Check the Editor’s Source Code View:
Custom CSS/JavaScript:
Template Adjustment:
Editor Settings: