Multilanguage Yaml-File for Tailor


I have a question to yaml fields in Tailor. How can I make a label or description field available for multilanguage in backend. In the theme yaml file it is possible with strings. Is this in tailor also available?

Thanks in advance

Hi @MateThemes

You can create a language file to translate the labels in the app/lang directory. For example, for French, create a file called app/lang/fr.json

    "Post": "Publier"

The documentation has more details:

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Hey @MateThemes

This is a good point. We have added the ability to import language strings along with blueprints in the next release. This should make it possible for distributed themes also to distribute language strings (used for the app, not the theme).

Importing Languages

As an optional feature, languages can be imported to the app/lang directory by placing the JSON language files in the seed/lang directory. This makes it possible to translate labels and other descriptions inside blueprints. If a language file already exists in the application language directory, then the language strings will be merged together.