Multiple lists for one DB table

Hi guys,

last year I created one simple plugin for my clients website. It basically stores orders information from frontend form, show them in list, count some stats,… nothing fancy.

Now, new year is just behind the corner and the clients company would like to have next year orders separated in administration. The thing is, I don’t want to copy logic and create new DB table for it. I am wondering if it possible to have all the orders in one DB table and just have two different filtered list views for it. Basically I would like to have ‘Orders 2022’ and ‘Orders 2023’ in left column menu.

I know I can add filter to columns view and they can select date range, or even checkboxes for year, but I would really like to make it one click solution.

Do you have any idea or some workaround suggestion? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Hi @kiko_balco

I wonder if you could use a simple dropdown for this?

    type: dropdown
        order_2022: Orders 2022
        order_2023: Orders 2023

Then you can filter orders by order_2022 or order_2023 respectively.