Multisite and Static Pages Menu

I am using multisite soon on a new website and was wondering if there was a way to set different menus for each site. I am using the Rainlab Static Pages plugin for my menus.

One way I can see is to have different themes for each site, but I am not sure if that’s the best way.

Perhaps people are moving away from using the Rainlab Static Pages plugin, with increased use of Tailor etc. However I find the menu functionality very useful and don’t see a good replacement for it.

Would appreciate any tips or thoughts on this


Hey @roojai

We’re working on a solution in v3.5, which functions similarly to the static pages menu—a single record with multiple menu item records inside—defined as two blueprints, for example, Menu and MenuItem. The demo theme will include an example when it is released.

Currently, you can use Static Pages with multiple via the Translate plugin, although it will only cater to a different menu per locale instead of per site.

Sounds exciting on the new menu solution!!

In my case, I found it was best to use different themes for each sub-site anyway, so that works fine with the existing pages menu plugin.


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Hi all. We have a very strange problem after the latest October 3 update an also static pages.
We are using a multisite installation here:

The problem is that the latest pages we crated and added to the menu like this one: Sanges Trans - Transport agabaritic is ok in the /en and /de languages (the URL is outputed), the direct link is working as well…but surprise is:

When you navigate to the root: the menu item FLOTA is having no url…the item.url value is not returned if the language is ro. All the other pages created before the update are working as expected…they have the URL in all languages.

This thing is so time consuming, did you have any ideea where to check this issue?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @roojai, I still use Static Pages for creating content and my current setup is:

  • main theme with cms pages, partials, layouts, …
  • empty child theme for each language

With Multisite I point each site/language to it’s own child theme.

Static Pages than create content in child themes and this way I can have separate pages and menus for each language.

Common code remains in main theme, so I can edit it in one place for all child themes / languages.

So far this works for me.

Static pages are still the best way my clients can easily edit their content.