Multisite locales

I’m wondering if there’s a way to replace array of available locales from System\Classes\PresetManager\Locales with my own ones? Or maybe there’s a another way to achieve what i need, and it is to have under ‘ca’ code not Catalan but Canada locale. I know there is en_ca and fr_ca locales but i need to have one overall ca locale for Canada.
I’m stuck with this one for a while now, looking forward for any hints.

Can I ask why? Omitting the language part in the locale would refer only to a location

Hi @apinard
you are totally right, now i see this. Maybe then my problem is more with Rainlab.Translate plugin.

So what i need to achieve is to use ca code as code for Canada english translation not as Catalan. When i try to set as a locale for this site custom value ca it eventually refers to Catalan (which is understandable), i need to somehow get canadian (english) translations for ca code.
I know this can be an overkill but i need to implement this in a quite old project where all is set to use ca and i’m wondering if this is even possible. I’d like to avoid using en_ca.