Multisite questions

Hey, I got some questions about multisite using tailor.

  1. Solved, I found translatable: false. I just expected to find this on the multisite documentation page.

  2. I am not quite sure how sync mode works. I suspect that it will only work for data entered the first time I hit save or also when I publish an element? It is very intransparent, some values of one language are shown in another language but others are not (probably those I changed after the initial save/publish).

If this is the case and it is a one-shot, then wouldn’t it be better to simply copy values from one language to another? It is not ideal if a field is blank but then can either be blank or mirror the value of another language and I can’t be sure about it.

  1. Is solved, I had issues testing language detection mode only to just find out that it was my browser cache to store the redirect :slight_smile: It works!

Here is my element:

uuid: 9cbed7fd-3bc6-49be-9b0b-074e7e43b631
handle: Portfolio\Project
type: stream
name: Project
drafts: true
multisite: sync

    label: Portfolio
    icon: icon-object-group
    order: 130

    icon: icon-file-archive-o
    parent: Portfolio\Project
    order: 10

        label: Headline
        type: text

        label: Subtitle
        type: text

        label: Client Name
        span: auto

        label: Client URL
        span: auto

        label: Description
        type: richeditor

        label: Thumbnail
        type: mediafinder
        mode: image

        tab: Detail
        label: Content
        type: richeditor

One bonus question: Can I include drafts in a Collection query? In other words are there ways to preview such elements in production but hide them from public?

Hi @McDev

The sync mode will ensure that every record is paired with another record across every site within the group. So when a record is created, it is copied to every other site.

You can include drafts using the withDrafts() method, there is also withOnlyDrafts.

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