Multisite "sync" mode don't work for global tailor model


It seems that the “sync” mode for multisite option of a tailor blueprint don’t work as expected with global models.

Create a multisite with october and create this blueprint :

handle: Config\Legal
type: global
name: Legal informations
multisite: sync

    parent: settings
    category: General
    icon: icon-legal
    order: 10

        label: Nom
        span: auto
        tab: Legal informations
        translatable: true

No, fill that model for one language. Save, then, switch language.

As the model is set to “sync” you expect that the value you put in the field are copied to the other version, with the possibility to override it if you want.

That’s not the case, when you switch between website, the value of the other language is empty. If you fill it, it’s saved for that specific language. So it seems there is not difference at all with the multisite: true option.

Did I miss something or you can confirm the bug ?

Best regards,

Hi, I think that in the code you posted it should be ‘propagatable’ and not ‘translatable’.
multisite: sync means that whenever you create a record of that model, it will be created in all the sites/languages right away. Then you can go and edit or override this for each one of them. Instead, multisite: true will only create the record when you change to that language in the edit record screen, asking you for confirmation previously in a popup. The fields that you want to have the same values and affect all sites/languages on edit should be set to propagatable:true.

Thank you for your answer. I missed the propagatable option in the doc, I will try that.

So I have to put the multisite: true in the root level of the blueprint, and then, for each individual fields, i set translatable: true and propagatable: true, that’s right ?

I come with an edit, I tried everything possible option, couldn’t make it work with the propagatable: true property. @daftspunky could you clarify things about this propagatable option ?

Thank you

Hi @PubliAlex

To confirm, you want the company_name field to be translatable and the value remains the same for all sites, is it correct?

Hello @daftspunky

If I fill the company_name in one language, I want to copy the value to all others languages. But if I override the company_name in one of the other language, I want that the value be specific to that language.