Multisite - too many redirections


I have two languages.
When I set CMS route prefix for each language I get a "too many redirections " error on the frontend.
If I deactivate the route prefix for /fr, I got some other issues. Like, the site picker stays on “FR”. So, once English selected it’s impossible to come back.

using Octo 3.2.1

Any ideas?


Hum… I guess It was my bad. I didn’t upgrade the translate module to ^2.0
Looks like it’s working now.


I don’t know if this is related but working with the plugin MagicForm, I found out that the model ‘Locale’ in the RainLab Translate plugin was removed in v2.1.3 (RainLab\Translate\Models\Locale), which was causing me an issue with MagicForm.