Multisite & translatable repeater

I use the repeater Widget to place sections in the page. A small PageBuilder so to speak. However, when I want to translate the page all the inserted sections are gone and I would have to create everything again. not really a good way. Is there a solution for this?

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Hi @Amin,

This is a good observation. For the builder to be translated, you must maintain the structure for each site independently. This is part of the design and allows different sites to use different structures. However, there is a trick you can use:

  1. Delete the empty record (translated site)
  2. Open the populated record (primary site)
  3. Navigate back to the translated site
  4. Click “OK” to recreate the record

This will seed the structure from the populated record when creating the new one.

We have added this use case to our internal tracker; to make it possible to replicate the structure between sites without locking the content.

I hope this helps.

hello @Amin.

I am interested in your “PageBuilder” approach. Could you do some screenshots for explanation? Maybe one screenshot how this looks in the backend and one, how you use it in the frontend?