Multisite with multiple languages


I have a question regarding Multisite.

My Client wants to have a structure like this.

Site 1:
Domain is
Languages: en and de.

This is german site with multiple langauges

Site 2.
Domain is
Languages: fr, en, esp

This is french site with 3 languages.

So far i can see that one domain/site can have one languages. Is it possible to assign multiple languages to one domain.


In german site => default is german => english version of german

And so on.

So in short multiple languages for a single site in multiple site.

Currently, as of v3.4, multisite can be used for multiple sites in a single language or a single site in multiple languages.

We are working on the ability to group sites, which will introduce multiple sites with multiple languages. It should be included in v3.5, releasing in a couple of weeks.


@daft thanks alot. That would be a great feature.