New to OctoberCMS


I’m new to October. I really like the idea of the flexibility it brings to creating a CMS. I am finding it hard to find up to date tutorials though. Is this a thriving community and is this platform likely to be around for a while. I don’t like the thought of learning something which could become obsolete. It’s the impression I get when I see such out of date content when searching utube for tutorials and things like that.

If it’s a growing community can someone offer any advice or provide links to current tutorials on how to use it?

Lastly, can anyone provide advice on how to implement a builder to compile JS and SCSS. I’ve watched a couple of outdated videos which left me a little confused. One talked about Laravel Elixir which I now understand has been replaced by laravel mix?? But isn’t laravel mix just the same as gulp? So do I even need laravel mix?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @JayPea,

I will try to give you some resources I use.

First of all, the official docs. Its a lot of content, and many things are explained well.
Make sure you read all sections:

Getting Started
CMS Guide
Markup Guide
Extending October CMS
API Handbook

Then, there also is a tutorial page: Tutorials - October CMS
Maybe some are quite old, but most of the knowledge is still applicable.

I also use a lot.

Don’t forget the laravel docs.

I see it like this: You have to read a lot, and dig into topics.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks much appreciated, I’ll take a look at all of those.