Not able to 'translate' checkbox or switch field to set it independently on each language

Hi. In a previous post (Multisite custom models per locale existence and slug translation), @acasar explained that now also checkboxes can be translated. That would give us the power to for instance, set a published state that can be set independently for each locale. But even though I’m adding the field to the translatable property of the model (also indexed) it’s not responding for each locale. It acts just like a field that has no translation at all (no translatable label appears like the other translatable fields). Apparently at first you can change it’s state for a locale and save, but as soon as you change the locale in the backend upper selector and come back to the first language the field takes the original value (and not the one you have set for that locale).

I need to know how to set the value of a checkbox indenpendently for each language.

Hi @federico.schafer

We’ve added this to our internal tracker to investigate. Thanks.

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This can be fixed by updating to Translate v2.2.1