OC v3 not running, no error log anywhere, clueless

I migrated a OC v1 website to OC v3, it works fine on my local dev machine.
I ported over the db and all the files on the staging server of my client.

and nothing works. no storage/log, no php error log, no log anywhere, just a blank page.

any hint where to look please?

OK It looks like this line does not work very well for some reason on OC v3

<script src="{{ ['@jquery'] |theme }}"></script>

what would be the new way? my theme is using legacy jquery

If I remember correctly jQuery was removed in October CMS v3

You may have to just include the jQuery version from the CDN or include it in your project.

surprising because it works fine on my local dev.

EDIT: there was some cache in the storage folder coming from the v1

last one: no url works, only the homepage is showing up.
I enabled mod rewrite, but I might be missing something else

why the settings forms are cutoff on OC v3? it does not go full with somehow?

Add this to the settings config

'size' => 'adaptive'
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