October 3.0 update error

need help
create octobercms 3.0 on windows openserver (local). it’s working. upload on hosting, have problems. it’s cuz / and \ in windows and linux (hosting is linux) is any way to fix it?
october 2.0 was fine. 3.0 is error.

“As I pointed out earlier in the ticket, the problem occurs in the directory separator character. The fact is that in operating systems of the Windows family, the symbol \ is used as a directory separator, and in the Linux family, the symbol /. Probably, in October CMS 3, the paths to some files are defined as constants, and therefore it is impossible to transfer the site to another server environment without changing these paths.”

  • answer of hosting support.

Hi and welcome @themasonandrew,

This is caused by a cache file that was generated on Windows and deployed to the Linux filesystem. You can fix it by clearing the PHP cache files found in storage/cms and storage/framework.

Also, we can fix this in the next release by making it always compatible with Linux since Windows will accept both.

Confirming this issue is solved in October v3 and above.

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