October 3.1 - translated page url does not work

hi guys,

I have some project with multiple languages.
with octobercms 2.x I was used to manage different page urls with the help of the translation plugin like this:


url = "/land"
title = "..."
layout = "..."


When I visit the default url /de/land everything works as expected.
Now I expect the english page to be like this: /en/country.

Unfortunately I get a 404 (page not found). Anyone has an idea?

Hey guys. I fixed my “issue”.

The problem has been, I am used to write the cms pages by hand in my IDE.
Now I used the backend and this is the working result.

url = "/land"
layout = "default"
title = "Land"

localeUrl[en-gb] = "/country"

It didn’t worked, because i was using the wrong language code.

I should have used en-gb. Instead I was used to write my own code en.

Problem solved.

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Thanks for sharing the solution!