October 3 Deploy with one-click deploy plugin: information in DB?

I have one question regarding the One-Click deploy plugin. Uptill today I was just uploading the site to shared hosting (and importing the DB) to deploy. The one-click deploy plugins looks amazing, but I note that it doesn’t support to upload dynamic info (records in DB tables). A lot of times the initial information of a site (that might be dynamic) like products, brands, clients, etc… is in fact done in local dev, so when you upload the site, it has at least the initial info. So, what to do in that cases? Manually exporting some tables and importing then in the production host is somehow against the whole point of using the one-deploy plugin in the first place. Besides, in that case, I’m not sure what would happen with images (media or uploads).

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This question comes up a lot, so we may need to come up with some solution. The idea behind deployment was to supplement the one-click updater, which only handles the file structure of a website.

Deploying database contents falls under “backup and restore” type functionality. This includes using a backup tool or import/export features.

It’s not entirely clear how the deploy plugin would handle deploying database contents.

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