October CMS v3.6 has Shipped, Loaded With Features

October CMS v3.6 is Here: Packed Full of New Features

As October CMS approaches its 10 year anniversary, the team have been working diligently over the past seasons to get this release ready. Version 3.6 was planned to be version 4.0, but since Laravel 11 has made some changes to its bootstrapper, we’ve delayed the major release to incorporate these new Laravel improvements first.

We’ve worked hard to make these new features backward compatible and you can enjoy the new benefits sooner. Read more in the blog post below:

Alongside with the v3.6 release: we’ve posted up some tutorials that demonstrate the versatility of some newer tools found in October CMS. Here are the links, hope you enjoy. If you know someone that might be interested or benefit from these videos, please share them around.


im so grateful for the existence of october cms and the relentless amazing dedication of the team behind :pray:


I would like to emphasize that despite managing the entire ecosystem (along with other developers), @daft consistently takes the time to respond to inquiries or address bugs.

This is a significant benefit for the community.


Thank you for commenting with these kind words, guys. I appreciate you.