October site wont work after laradock upgrade

I use Laradock to run my October project locally.

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Laradock, purged all my images and rebuilt all my containers.

And now every time i try and load the site i get a 5xx response and this appears
" Gateway Timeout

The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application."

Nothing appears in the Apache log

artisan still works on the command line
I am able to access my database via mysqlWorkbench
( the previous points show that the database is working and october is configured to access it correctly )

I have tried adding “echo ‘hello world’; die();” to the start of index.php to make sure apache is actually serving my browser correctly - this was fine.

I have tried artisan cache:clear

The only error output i get is a load of stuff from php-fpm which is too long to show in full but it ends with this

php-fpm_1 | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP 46. October\Rain\Halcyon\MemoryRepository->get($key = ‘system::settings.lrg_redirect_settings’, $default = uninitialized) /var/www/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Cache/Repository.php:374
php-fpm_1 | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP 47. Illuminate\Cache\Repository->get($key = ‘system::settings.lrg_redirect_settings’, $default = NULL) /var/www/vendor/october/rain/src/Halcyon/MemoryRepository.php:39
php-fpm_1 | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP 48. Illuminate\Cache\FileStore->get($key = ‘system::settings.lrg_redirect_settings’) /var/www/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Cache/Repository.php:97
php-fpm_1 | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP 49. Illuminate\Cache\FileStore->getPayload($key = ‘system::settings.lrg_redirect_settings’) /var/www/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Cache/FileStore.php:58
php-fpm_1 | NOTICE: PHP message: PHP 50. Illuminate\Filesystem\Filesystem->get($path = ‘/var/www/storage/framework/cache/85/4a/854a54028c654716bc56a9a9c41d98b9641d8f9b’, $lock = TRUE) /var/www/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Cache/FileStore.php:207

Can anyone suggest what might be the problem and how to fix?
Perhaps i need to run october:install again?

Th error seems cache related. Have you tried to clear the cache?

php artisan cache:clear
php artisan view:clear

That did not work.
However i discovered that the problem was with Xdebug

if xdebug v3.1.2 is installed and running i get the problem
with xdebug v2.9.8 there is no problem
( laradock had upgraded xdebug between my old version and the current version )

Does anyone know why the Xdebug version may have caused this issue, how it can be investigated further and how it can be fixed?