October:update sometimes does not update plugins


Sometimes after I did:

php artisan october:update

Some plugins did not update. I’m on October CMS 2.2.34 and for example the RainLab.Pages stays on v1.4.10, although there is a v1.5.4 available.

Is this somehow dependency related?

If you have a plugin that has a minor or major update (ex 1.4 to 1.5 or 1.4 to 2) you’ll have to run the install command for that particular plugin.

that’s done by design so things don’t break as much.

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I usually run

composer update

It could be dependency related if you’ve checked the composer.json file to make sure rainlab/pages-plugin is not locked to a specific version. You can check if a package is causing the lower version with

composer why rainlab/pages-plugin