October v3.2.7 deletes themes and plugins not in composer.json

Hi there,

I just experienced an issue while doing the most recent OctoberCMS update with composer. It just deleted my themes folder, and all plugins not within the composer.json. So it deletes all custom content :slight_smile:

Maybe this is something we can fix?

Hi @renick

This shouldn’t happen for plugins and themes not installed via composer.

Composer has a weird quirk, when you expect it to keep packages after removing them from the composer.json file manually, it still knows about them and deletes them on the next update. This is because they still appear in the composer.lock file (and possibly the vendor/installed.json file).

I’m not sure why they do this but it can create the issue you’ve described. The best way to protect yourself is to delete the vendor directory and composer.lock file before running the update.

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Thank you, this is right. I forgot that I retrieved my boilerplate by composer - and then removed it from the required dependencies. But forgot about the lock file…

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