October v4 update


when will October v4 release? And what are the plans to be different to v3.

Are there any news on this?

Thank you


Version 4 will be a significant update to the platform. It includes major improvements:

  • A new dashboard with advanced reporting tools
  • A new user module based on Laravel’s core provider
  • A new shop module with eCommerce features

We plan to get it out as soon as possible and will likely have a beta phase with even more significant enhancements. So, while the code will be available, it could take some time to become stable.

Hopefully, this clarifies what we have coming for you in the pipeline. You can keep track of developments and offer suggestions via the roadmap portal: https://portal.octobercms.com/


Thank you for that information!

I am looking forward for that improvements!

A thing that would be cool as feature in v4 is like in nuxt or gatsbyjs is a tool like nuxtimg or a image tool in general. I mean that I would be a great feature to have to replace image tags with picture tags with various options.

Thanks for the great news.

Will there be OAuth authentification with social networks in the new user module or just regular Laravel Auth?