OctoberCMS 3 on Laravel Vapor (Serverless)

Hi there. I’m looking to setup a new October 3 project on Laravel Vapor and I was wondering if anyone had any experience or pointers?

I noticed this post on the old October Forum (Hosting on Laravel Vapor? - October CMS) and can see that @daftspunky himself managed to get at least somewhere with OC running on serverless.

Do you have any update on your experiences @daftspunky ?
Many thanks!

Hi @WeSayHowHigh

We had October running on AWS Lambda in late 2020, which required some heavy refactoring of the internals included in the first release of OCMS 2.0. We ended up switching to Docker for the demo service instead.

I don’t have much direct experience with Laravel Vapor, but we know it is technically feasible to host there. We will happily support you with this endeavour.

WRT Serverless, the main issue is working with new disk types. It’s best thought of as having these available components:

  • a read-only disk (project files)
  • a fast scratch disk (temporary disk)
  • a slower network disk (persistent disk)

October CMS introduced the concept of system paths, found in the
config/system.php file, which is necessary to make things run smoothly on serverless, depending on the requirements.

'storage_path' => env('STORAGE_PATH'),

'cache_path' => env('CACHE_PATH'),

The cache path should refer to the scratch disk since all files directed at this path are disposable. Whereas the storage path can afford to be a bit slower for the sake of persistence.

Thanks so much for taking the time. I’ll start exploring and see how far I get! Cheers!

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