OctoberCMS backend shows outdated info of the core and plugin versions after a "composer update"


I’m using Plesk to host my OctoberCMS websites. It works as expected, but I can’t use “php artisan october:update”, instead, I use the Plesk Composer extension.

The thing is, the updates are applied using “composer update”, but the OctoberCMS backend still shows outdated info of the core and plugin versions.
How can I let OctoberCMS know that everything is updated?


Hello @mlieshout

This likely happens because the composer manager has not called the post-update script. Take a look at the composer.json file:

"scripts": {
    "post-update-cmd": [

This post-update-cmd script is responsible for updating the build number, which is the same as running this command-line function:

october:util set build

I hope this helps!