OctoberCMS => CraftCMS?

Is October CMS like that of CraftCMS ?
I need to re-do a WordPress site for which client says no more WordPress but wants to be able to edit text content + media content.

Hello anjanesh,

in my opinion: “No”. I think CraftCMS has some other concept to model content. There is no theme or template.

A main difference working with content, is that CraftCMS has a LivePreview editor build-in, that is lack in OctoberCMS. I think this is a main advantage of CraftCMS.

On the other hand OctoberCMS is based on Laravel and that is a big plus. It has an own “Deploy Plugin” for easy deploying your site. That is an other big plus in my opinion.

If the client wants to edit the page content in OctoberCMS like how he does in WordPress using Elementor, then what plugin is required for that in OctoberCMS ?

Take a look at this plugin: Boxes plugin - October CMS

I don’t know CraftCMS but using OctoberCMS, you won’t be limited in any scenario.