OctoberCMS with Laravel Sail installation not working

I’m new to the OctoberCMS and I wanted to try to install with laravel sail.
I used the following URL: Installing with Laravel Sail
But it seems to install to a certain point and then you start getting the following error:

RecursiveDirectoryIterator::__construct(/var/www/html/plugins/october): Failed to open directory: No such file or directory

see screenshot below.

I’m assuming this is a bug. Can the developer team confirm this?

This issue seems to come from the installation of the Demo Plugin.

To fix this simply remove the Demo Plugin from the plugins directory and redo the installations steps as mentioned in the documentation!

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To complete what @Jonathan-Boucher said.
On my hands simply deleting the OCTOBER folder in PLUGINS did the job.
After that you just have to migrate.

It seems to be a permission problem applied on this folder.

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I have the same problem when installing RainLabs StaticPages plugin. I get the same error when installing with the admin panel or composer.

RecursiveDirectoryIterator::__construct(/var/www/html/plugins/rainlab/pages): Failed to open directory: No such file or directory

Any clue?


Changing file sharing setting in Docker to gRPC resolved the issue (for now)