Outputting StaticPagesMenuItems urls for translated blog categories

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues outputting urls of menu items when changing site language:

 {% for item in mainMenu.menuItems %}
   {% if item.items %} 
      <li class="hs-has-sub-menu nav-item">
        <a id="MegaMenu" class="hs-mega-menu-invoker nav-link dropdown-toggle text-uppercase fs-5" href="{{ item.url }}"
         role="button" aria-expanded="false" onclick="return false">{{ item.title }}</a
            <div class="hs-sub-menu dropdown-menu text-uppercase" aria-labelledby="MegaMenu" style="min-width: 15rem;">
              <!-- Mega Menu Items -->
                {% for item in item.items %}
                 <a class="dropdown-item fs-5" href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.title}}</a>
                    {% endfor %}
                {% endif %}
              {% endfor %}

This outputs my main language versions category urls perfectly, but outputs only item.title in different language version (item.url is empty). Any ideas?

Hi @franxxx

It is interesting that the url is empty, but the title translates fine. It’s possible that the URL is not resolving correctly. In version 3, different sites can be assigned different themes, which could cause it.

What type is the menu item, URL, static page, CMS page?