Overwrite OctoberCMS Standard List / Taglist Field behaviour

I face a tricky problem right now:

For my records, I got a taglist field which saves different phrases within a field.

Earlier, I used a repeater field, but the GUI was to heavy for just simple phrases, so I decided I would like to have this change.

Now with the taglist field, if you type “,” a new tag is created by default. Is there a way to surpress this?

On the other hand, I’ve build a inline form within the records list, where you can also add new phrases to this taglist field. works great, just if you press a space character, the record is opening automatically.

Same question: Is there a way to surpress this?

Thanks for any hint ^^

It is a tag list widget, what did you expect? You need separator for the entered phrases - which one is desired?

Ok I might have missed a point: My taglist field is saved as jsonable, so I would not need a symbol as a seperator.

I know I need a seperator for the taglist field which has to be comma or space according to the doc. I tested seperator:comma but it didnt work in October3 btw. I wonder why “Enter” is not allowed as the exclusive seperator anyways.

Might be an additional idea: I tried to add values with commas and spaces to this taglist field directly in the code and the database result worked well, same with the taglist field:
["Test With Space","This,Test","Test"]

So if “enter” would be the exclusive seperator, the problem with the comma would automatically be solved.

BUT I hoped to find a solution for this “space” problem in the list, so that the record does not open from the list with the space button.

This way, I could submit names with spaces and commas in this namefield within the record list and save it to the record.

I hope I gave enough detaily now :wink:

Enter is problematic because it means “submit form” in web browsers. You’ll need to override form widget somehow to configure different separator - something like this for underlying Select2 field: jquery - tokenSeparators in Select2 - Stack Overflow

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Ok great, that would work for the taglist field, thanks a lot!

What about the “pressing space in an inputfield which is shown in a partial within the list is opening the record” problem? Do you have a hint here, too? That would be amazing…

I tried to add a JS file in the Constructor of the Controller and within this file, I tried to deal with all kind of methods to overwrite of disable keypress based events, but nothing worked so far…

I found a solution to overwrite the keypress event on space in the List:

  • Add a JS-File to the Constructor of the Controller:

  • pastespace.js

var pasteSpace = function(event) {
    if (event.keyCode == '32') {
        $(event.target).val($(event.target).val() + ' ');
window.addEventListener("keydown", pasteSpace, false);

Basically if “space” is pressed, I paste a space to the inputfield of the event and abort the event.

If there’re problems with that solution that I didnt think of, please let me know.

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