Page not found always showing

For some reason, all of my pages are showing a Page Not Found error when I’m not logged in to the backend. None of the pages are set to hidden and htaccess is all set correctly.

Does anyone have any quick ideas I could check? This has never happened before and I have a clone install elsewhere that is running fine.

Settings/CMS/Maintenance is enabled and pointing to 404 page?

I’d check the following:

  1. ‘Hidden’ checkbox on your pages

  2. Maintenance mode (Main October Settings on the top backend nav → Maintenance Mode)

  3. ‘BackendAuth’ usage in your PHP part of the page

If it’s not any of those points it may be the server configuration I’m afraid.

Thanks @eoler - definitely not. @marcino - already checked this across all pages and not one was hidden.

I think my host felt it was a permissions issue (???) so I ended up reinstalling the whole CMS and transferring the theme files - all was fixed!

Who knows… but all fixed now. Thanks for the advice.