Pagefinder widget

Can Pagefinder widget return the selected model in V3? Like that I could add completly different view on frontend.

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Hi @ngyzsolt

We could pass the model ID via meta data. Can you share an example of how you would use this?


I would like to share a special example with you. There are several existing blog posts, each with its own subpage identified by a slug. However, the customer would like to display a specific post in a carousel on the homepage, with a completely different style.

To achieve this, I plan to use the pagefinder widget. This will allow me to obtain the URL with the corresponding slug for the ‘Read more…’ button. It would be amazing if I could also obtain the specific Model associated with that post, so that I can apply the desired carousel style.

I hope that my explanation is clear, and that you understand what I mean.

Thank you for your time


Have you managed to add to work it with Tailor?

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